But why TotFin?

TotFin app summary view in background

I like things simple. What is the value of all my investments? How did it change?

And the lazier the better. I don’t want to spend time jumping through apps of my investment brokers in UK – logging into HL to check funds & ETFs (separate ISA and shares accounts by the way), IG for indices, and then Coinbase wallet for cryptos. In addition, visiting SEB’s (Nordic bank) app to check few Baltic stocks in Euros and then also checking latest valuation of my gold coins investment. I also like to keep few major foreign currencies in cash for my travels abroad. It’s not a lot, but it still counts especially if you DON’T travel – thank you, Covid. Honestly, it’s not like I have a large selection of assets, there’s probably ~15 in total floating around, but they are in different segments (cash, funds, stocks, ETFs, gold and crypto) and it just takes time summing it all up in GBP.

As it stands, when I need to summarise my finances, I have to check five different apps and deal with three different currencies… Well, at least it’s a good mental exercise.

I wanted to have a single iOS investment tracker app. I’ve tried several apps, but I wasn’t able to find one that covers all of my assets, calculates it in selected currency and allows at least basic drill-down to understand where the total value shifts are coming from. Another thing is that some of apps require irrelevant elaborate personal details on sign-up and either ask for payment details for trial before even giving a demo or just shower you with ads.

Enter TotFin 🚀

We want an app that is simple, clear and does what it is supposed to do – providing an overview and drill-down of all investments in selected currency. Maybe something that can’t be called ugly as well.. We understand that appearance is subjective though 😂

Our first priority is to listen to feedback from TotFin users to make it convenient. Please feel free to visit our early birds section to leave your thoughts, vote for features and get early bird freebies.

TotFin is available in App Store!