Investment portfolio tracker app

Clear summary

Get a clear summary of all your investments in one place. TotFin provides a comprehensive overview of portfolio value changes in total and across different investment types.

Mutual funds & ETFs

We have a large selection of mutual funds with daily valuation updates. Also we support most of the ETFs traded across all major exchanges around the globe.

Commodities, Stocks & Crypto

TotFin portfolio tracker has data of more than 200,000 investments across different investment types including stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.


All portfolio investments are updated with the latest market values with several minutes delay. TotFin portfolio tracker re-calculates summary values of your entire portfolio down to individual investments while showing total and daily changes.

Profit & loss details

Your portfolio performance can be filtered by selected investment types. You can also drill down to the open/closed P/L details of every individual investment.

Day winners/losers

Daily portfolio performance updates as well as top historical portfolio positions.

Daily highlights

Day gainers & losers, upcoming dividend events. 

No access requested

We don’t require any broker, bank, exchange or wallet access permissions. All transactions are entered by you.

Your data is yours

Your data is stored in cloud and has bank-grade security.

You can delete your account at any time. This will automatically delete all your data.

TotFin has optional PIN or biometric lock for in-device protection.


Upcoming ex-dividends and dividend payment dates for stocks in your portfolio, dividends per share and total amounts in your native currency.

Fundamentals & news

We provide various key metrics, consolidated analyst ratings and news for mutual funds, stocks and ETFs.

Multi currency native

All investments purchased or held in different currencies are converted into selected portfolio currency and are calculated based on latest exchange rates. 

What Investments does TotFin App Track?

TotFin supports 200K+ trackable assets selection across Americas, Europe,  Middle East, Asia and Oceania

ETFs & Indices

20K+ ETFs and indices across wide variety of sectors and areas (i.e. FTSE trackers, gold bullion trackers, green energy trackers, etc.).


Latest valuation details about 150K+ stocks from 70+ exchanges across Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania and Middle East.

Mutual Funds

Daily updates on mutual funds across the globe. We support funds traded by majority of established brokers (Vanguard, Fidelity, HL, etc.).


Exchange rates for Forex currency pairs. TotFin also uses the latest exchange rates to convert your investments to your selected portfolio currency.


Digital currency investment tracking of all major cryptocurrencies in the market (i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Dogecoin, etc.).


Track your investments across metal, agricultural, energy and other commodities (i.e. gold, silver, coffee, sugar, cotton, etc.)