Frequently asked questions

Any investors who wish their different assets (investments) to be tracked in one place. 

We track and provide aggregated or detailed views for assets across different segments, brokers, exchanges, countries and currencies.

We are a mobile first product and we are starting with the iOS app. 

The app will help to see total and segments (i.e. crypto, ETFs) value changes with just few swipes.


USA Stocks (US), Bolsa de Valores de Lima (LIM), Buenos Aires Exhange (BA), Canadian Securities Exchange (CN), Chilean Stock Exchange (SN), Mexican Exchange (MX), NEO Exchange (NEO), San Paolo Exchange (SA), Toronto Exchange (TO), TSX Venture Exchange (V)


Bombay Exchange (BSE), Hong Kong Exchange (HK), Jakarta Exchange (JX), Korea Stock Exchange (KO), Kuala Lumpur Exchange (KLSE), NSE India (NSE), Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), Shanghai Exchange (SHG), Shenzhen Exchange (SHE), Singapore Exchange (SG), Taiwan Exchange (TW), Thailand Exchange (BK), Vietnam Stocks (VN)


Berlin Exchange (BE), Borsa Italiana (MI), Borsa Italiana Certificates (ETLX), Budapest Stock Exchange (BUD), Copenhagen Exchange (CO), Dusseldorf Exchange (DU), Euronext Amsterdam (AS), Euronext Brussels (BR), Euronext Lisbon (LS), Euronext Paris (PA), Europe Fund Virtual Exchange (EU Fund), First North Denmark (NFN), Frankfurt Exchange (F), Hamburg Exchange (HM), Hanover Exchange (HA), Helsinki Exchange (HE), Iceland Exchange (IC), Irish Exchange (IR), Johannesburg Exchange (JSE), London Exchange (IL), Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LU), Madrid Exchange (MC), MICEX Moscow Russia (MCX), Munich Exchange (MU), Nasdaq Baltic (NB), Oslo Stock Exchange (OL), Riga Exchange (RG), SIX Swiss Exchange (SW), Stockholm Exchange (ST), Stuttgart Exchange (STU), Swiss Exchange (VX), Tallin Exchange (TL), Vienna Exchange (VI), Vilnius Exchange (VS), Warsaw Stock Exchange (WAR), Xetra Exchange (XETRA), Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE)

Middle East 

Istanbul Stock Exchange (IS), Karachi Stock Exchange (KAR), Saudi Arabia Exchange (SR), Tel Aviv Exchange (TA)


Australia Exchange (AU)


Bond Virtual Exchange (BOND), Commodities (COMM), Cryptocurrencies (CC), FOREX (FOREX), Indices (INDX)

  • Currencies
  • Crypto-currencies
  • Mutual funds
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • ETFs
  • Indices

You can search any of these assets by asset name (or part of the name) and any of the supported asset identifiers. Depending on the asset type, some assets might have identifiers like a short code, ticker, ISIN, CUSIP, etc.

TotFin is a tracking app and as we support majority of investment types, it’s close to a net worth tracking app. We compare net worth vs all-in-one portfolio trackers in more details here. At the moment we aren’t supporting assets which are non-trackable and would require manual updates (i.e. property). If you’d like us to add such assets, please drop us a line. 

It depends on the asset type.

Mutual funds are updated on a daily basis. All other asset types are updated throughout the day with several minutes delay.

Every time you refresh your app, we use the latest available data at that time. Whether asset data for that day is already available depends on exchange closing times. 

We consider ‘last updated’ as key information and for easy confirmation that values are up to date. You can see this information in the portfolio overview (based on the last updated asset), selected segment summary view (based on the last updated segment’s asset) or for individual asset summary box.

We calculate portfolio growth by applying historic values for every time window (i.e. day, hour) retrospectively within your selected time period. We will also use current (today’s) exchange rates for conversions.

Segment (i.e. ETFs, stocks, etc.) calculations graph show total investment value growth or decline. You will be able to see not only the gains or losses but also bought or sold transactions incorporated into the graph. For example, if you have made a large investment, the graph will show a spike to reflect that.

Filtering portfolio or segment by timeframe (i.e. 5 days, 6 months, etc.) takes into consideration the oldest available transaction in your portfolio. For example, if your oldest transaction is 4 days old, and you selected the graph to be shown for the last 5 years, it will still show you the closest time frame that holds your oldest transaction, which would be 5 days. However, if your oldest transaction is 6 years old and you have selected 5 years’ timeframe,  the graph will show only the last 5 years of portfolio or segment changes.

We calculate Open P/L (gain/loss for your open positions), Closed P/L (gain/loss for sold positions) and Total P/L (combined gain/loss). Calculations are implemented using FIFO (first in – first out) method.

We feel strongly on limiting your details to absolute minimum.

We won’t ask your name, email or ask to setup a password, etc.

During app sign up you will only need a phone number which we will use to send a verification SMS. Your phone number is your account identifier which grants access to your account. If you lose your device or change SIM, you could use the same phone number to recover all data.

We consider investments data as highly sensitive.

Within the app you will be able to set up face, touch ID or passcode protection.

We will encrypt your data during transition from your mobile device to our database. For data storage we are using cloud-based AWS solution which is bank-grade security.

Yes, our product is free with a premium subscription option. We do have a demo mode as well.

We are not intending to provide any promotions, adverts, etc. We want a simple, clean product which is pleasant to use and is priced fairly. 

Yes. Once you downloaded the app, you will be able to use demo immediately (without sign-up).

Demo mode is fully functional with complete features, however we clean up its data on a weekly basis so all transactions entered will be cleaned up as well.

TotFin is available for free.

For all the users, there is free usage allowance under the BASIC subscription. This gives you the ability to use a limited number of transactions for free.

Once the allowance is exceeded, you won’t be able to add more transactions unless the account is upgraded to TotFin PRO. If you don’t want to upgrade, you can still use, update or delete transactions within the free limit.

You can see your allowance in the app settings, under subscription details.

No. Our vision is to have a clutter-free app.

No. We are a mobile only product.

TotFin is not a finance management app, we focus on investment tracking. 

TotFin provides an overview of your investment valuations and performances, but we don’t offer personal finance budgeting or management tools.

All financial transactions like purchases and refunds are handled by Apple.

You can use this link to trigger a refund process.

We would be grateful if you could let us know any issues you encountered with the product and how we can improve TotFin in the future.

We allow asset search by asset name or identifiers.

The most reliable way to find an asset is by its ISIN. 

If you are confident that the asset was not found, contact our support – we might be able to help you.